Considering to sell your hard disk? Consider twice

Last week I got interested in the fact is a second hand hard disk could be restored with software like EaseUS what I mentioned before in my blog. I decided to search on the internet for the cheapest SATA disk I could find, an external HDD seemd like a perfect candidate for a recovery attempt. While

Restore your hard disk with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Are you looking for software to recover your unreadeble hard disk? This is a problem I had about 6 weeks ago. I had a hard disk what wasn’t backed up and was containing videos what defenitely needed to be recovered. I searched on the internet and found several programs and downloaded the trial version of

Mac OS X Tiger (version 10.4) (2005)

Mac OS X Tiger was released about 13 years ago and purposed for the PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor running at 300 MHz or faster.  OS X Tiger was succeeded by Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5.

Adobe Design Collection for Mac (1999)

I got this software package from my colleague at my actual work. Actually all the places where I worked people have a moment that they are decide to clean the shed and gave old stuff to me. At this place I’ve got a lot starting with this Adobe Design Collection but also two portable floppy

Zenith Minisport laptop with 2 inch floppy disk (1992)

This is a very special laptop. It’s thin, light and doesn’t have a hard disk but flash memory! I think this was a laptop for programmers. Despite this laptop is 26 years old it’s still working. Oh, I forgot to tell it also is passive cooled so it also doesn’t make any noice. Actually, while