About me

I am Nick. A system administrator and retro computer fan from The Netherlands.

My main goals with this website are the next things:

  • Sharing all the info I have with the rest of the world.
  • Sharing my interests with anyone who’s interested.
  • Creating and sharing my portfolio.

It all started in 2011 when I bought my first retro stuff on a market for second hand (at least second) stuff. There was a stand with laptop and computer stuff and there I bought three laptops, two of them with Windows 3.1 and one with Windows 95.

De Witte Markt
De Witte Markt

Later I bought an Amstrad PPC 640 from Marktplaats, the Dutch version of eBay. Of his Amstrad I’ve made my very first YouTube video what’s still online. Shortly after that I started to collect many more and before I (and my parents) knew the attic was completely full of stuff.

IBM Computer collection 1981

IBM computers eighties

After a period of collecting as much as I could there came a moment that I moved to another place and so I needed to create some space. For that reason in 2015 I started with selling some stuff. In the hyperlinked video you can see the roadmap of my collection till May 2018.

At the moment the only part of my collection what I brought into my new place is my (Windows) software collection. Some other stuff is stored in the basement and in the garage.