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IBM 5110 unit with floppy station (1979)

This very old industrial computer, the IBM 5110 with a floppy station four times bigger (and heavier) than the IBM 5110 computer is a special one from 1979(!). In 2017 this computer celebrates his 38th birthday and reached some great historical computing value. The Computer couldn’t be booted cause of an error message unfortunately I

IBM 5150 Personal Computer

The very first computer with the “label” PC of Personal Computer. This is my old vintage retro IBM 5150 PC from 1981. This PC runs DOS what stands for Disk Operating System. Such a computer was back in the eighties a special thing. Usually people didn’t had a computer at home but at their work

Tulip System PC Compact (1987) with Windows 1.03 (1985)

This PC I bought somewhere in Noord-Brabant in 2013. The owner did not know that it contained an installation of Windows 1.0 but while I was testing the PC I saw some Win-files when I executed the dir command on the computer. When I was at home and tested the win command it started Windows

IBM 6580 Displaywriter System (1980)

Is it a Computer? Is it a server? Is it a terminal? What really is this piece of 38 year old technology? This IBM (Display Writer) you may call a computer, but actually it’s a $10.000 typewriter from 1980, so 38 years old. At that time this computer was owned by Douwe Egberts, a Dutch

AMSTRAD PPC 640 and 512

Try to find a computer what is comparable to this one for just 10%, when you found it please let me know because this is a special computer I think. At the end of the 1980s carryable computers became more important and wanted. Many brands like IBM, Amstrad and Apple developed portable computers in two