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Microsoft Windows 3.1 (Nederlands) (1991)

This is a Windows 3.1 retail box I bought about 6 years ago from a Dutch marketplace website for €15,-. When I saw the advertisement of this box I asked my parents if they would please bring me to the seller because it was in another city, I really don’t remember where it was anymore

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 (1996)

Unboxing video of Windows Server NT 4.0 from 1996. NT 4.0 was a 32 bits server OS what was being used in business environments. Windows NT started at Windows NT 3.1 at 1993. This server version was NT 4.0 what was released in July 1996, five years before the big release of Windows XP. Windows

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (Windows NT 5.0)

This is a short unboxing video of Windows 2000 Advanced Server 2000 also be known as Windows NT 5.0. This server edition of Microsoft Windows was released in February 2000 and was later being successed by Windows XP (client) and Windows Server 2003 (server). Windows Server 2000 was available in 4 versions namely: Windows 2000