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Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 training (1994)

Back in 1994 IT was the future. Studies like nowadays they didn’t had so these kind of VHD videos were released by IT companies. Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 was a server edition later succeeded by versions like Window Server 2000, 2003 and so on. In this video the fundamentals of a Computer Domain is explained.

Learning DOS for Home Computers (1989)

Back in 1989, not everybody had a home computer. Despite home computing was a new and interesting thing, computers were the future and people knew that computers and internet would become the future in the next decates. In 1989 people were using MS-DOS, Windows 2.0, Word Perfect and maybe some retro games. Imagine the computers

Introduction to the Internet (1994)

1994, anno 2017 its 23 years ago the internet was as tiny as shown in this VHS tape. This tape is to show people the possibilities of the internet, the ways people could interact with each other for that time and also some commercial porposes by explaining some plans people could purchase for a dail-in