IBM 6580 Displaywriter System (1980)

Is it a Computer? Is it a server? Is it a terminal? What really is this piece of 38 year old technology?

This IBM (Display Writer) you may call a computer, but actually it’s a $10.000 typewriter from 1980, so 38 years old.

At that time this computer was owned by Douwe Egberts, a Dutch coffee brand who used this computer to manage their administration. Until the end of 2012 it was used daily by the last owner who managed his own administration. He sold it for 50 EUR with:

– The 1980 IBM DisplayWriter
– Two DaisyWheel printers
– Lots and lots of documentation
– Sixty 8″ floppys
– The floppydrive, also called the Toaster

– Great historical value

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Jan Almkrona
2 years ago

I´am trying to connect whit you regarding IBM Displaywriter and
documentation and if you are selling a Two DaisyWheel printers
i have a system to and need information regarding it, i also have a DOS 1.17 for displaywriter, not the cp/m version

Jan Almkrona
Ola 157
74012 Knutby