Tulip System PC Compact (1987) with Windows 1.03 (1985)

This PC I bought somewhere in Noord-Brabant in 2013. The owner did not know that it contained an installation of Windows 1.0 but while I was testing the PC I saw some Win-files when I executed the dir command on the computer.

When I was at home and tested the win command it started Windows 1.0, a fantastic surprise!

Now in 2018 I still own this computer originally from 1987. It’s 31 years old.

Later I ordered these Windows 1.03 5,25 inch floppies to complete this system with the original software. These floppies are containing the Dutch version of Windows 1.03 what is really rare.

More info: http://tulipgv.nl/tc1.htm

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Micah Knight
Micah Knight
3 years ago

I am absolutely obsessed with Windows 1.x and would do anything to own a computer running Windows 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04, since those versions are rare and 1.01 isn’t. My computer could run those systems on virtual machines, but my computer wont run it since we can’t update macOS v10.8.5 to v10.13.4, sadly.