Introduction to the Internet (1994)

1994, anno 2017 its 23 years ago the internet was as tiny as shown in this VHS tape. This tape is to show people the possibilities of the internet, the ways people could interact with each other for that time and also some commercial porposes by explaining some plans people could purchase for a dail-in internet connection from Delphi. This video tape shows how people connected to the Internet, what kind of software they used and what they did on the internet.

No Facebook, YouTube or AliExpress but simple tasks like accessing a webpage of a university, news groups and some websites where people could download nice tools for their computer. Internet wasn’t really useful for many people. Around 2000 or maybe a few years earlier internet became quite necessary by the introduction of eBay at September 3th of 1995 and MSN messenger shortly after. Especially after the birth of search engines people were enabled to explore the net what increased the popularity a lot.

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