Restore your hard disk with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Are you looking for software to recover your unreadeble hard disk? This is a problem I had about 6 weeks ago. I had a hard disk what wasn’t backed up and was containing videos what defenitely needed to be recovered.

I searched on the internet and found several programs and downloaded the trial version of EaseUS. Despite it’s a trail you will be enabled to see if the files that you are missing are findable with EaseUS, that was the case in my situation. After the actual files were found I decided to purchase EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to give it a try.

Let’s do a test!

I’ll show you a test with a USB flash drive what contained an installation of Linux Mint. Let’s format it with the quick format type.

Formatting USB flash drive

Perfoming a quick format takes just a few seconds. After it I started EaseUS where my USB Flash Drive is the last option I could choose.

After running the search in EaseUS for a few minutes some files already show up like you can see below.

After waiting for about 5 minutes many more files are found. While searching you’ll be able to click and open some files to check if your needed files are already found.

The maximal size of files to review is 100 MB. While reviewing some files I found already a picture of Linux Mint. The files EaseUS will recover are not sorted like before you’d format the flash drive because also older files might be found.

This is the list of files after 15 minutes.

As you might see also some Windows files and folders are found. That also could be becauce I used this flash drive also to install some Windows computers and laptops.

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