Actual collection

What do I own right now:


NameYearOSIn collection sinceWorksAmount
AMSTRAD PPC 6401988MS-DOS 3.32011Yes2
AMSTRAD PPC 5121988MS-DOS 3.3Yes1
Tulip System PC Compact1987Windows 1.032012Yes1
IBM PS/11991Windows 3.1Yes1
Tulip Vision Line DT 486 SX/e1992Windows 3.12012Yes1
Zenith Minisport1992MS-DOS 3.3Yes1
Toshiba Satellite Pro 440CDX1998Windows 982017Yes1


NameYearLanguageOriginal boxMediumOpenedAmount
Microsoft Windows 1.031987DutchYes5,25" floppiesYes1
Microsoft Windows 3.11991EnglishYes3,5" floppiesYes1
Microsoft Windows 3.11991DutchYes3,5" floppiesYes1
Microsoft Windows NT 3.11993EnglishYesYes1
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.01996EnglishYesYes1
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server2000EnglishYesYes1
MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade Upgrade1991EnglishYesYes2
Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade1998DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade1995EnglishYes3,5" floppiesNo, unsealed1
Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade1995DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Adobe Design Collection for Mac1999EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1
Novell NetWare for Small Business 4.21998EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1
Mac OS X Tiger (version 10.4)2005EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1
Microsoft Office 2000 voor Kleine en Middelgrote Bedrijven Upgrade1999DutchYesCD-ROMNo, sealed1
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Upgrade2002DutchYesCD-ROMNo, sealed10
Microsoft Windows ME Upgrade2000DutchYesCD-ROMNo, sealed1
Microsoft Word 97 Upgrade1997DutchYesCD-ROMNo, sealed1
Microsoft Office 2000 Standard Upgrade1999DutchYesCD-ROMNo, sealed1
Microsoft Office 97 Professional Upgrade1997DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Quota Manager for Windows NT1994EnglishYesUnknownNo, sealed1
Microsoft Office Mac v. X2001EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1
Micorsoft Office XP2002DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Nedsoft Voorraad beheer2000DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Microsoft Windows ME Promotie-exemplaar Upgrade2000DutchYesCD-ROMYes1
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (promotional sample)1999EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation1997EnglishYesCD-ROMYes1

VHS tapes

Microsoft Windows NT 3.511994Microsoft Press22:27
Learning DOS for Home Computers1989Video Professor30:01
Learning Microsoft Word 4.0 Lesson Two1989Video Professor29:05
Introduction to the Internet199434:57