Adobe Design Collection for Mac (1999)

I got this software package from my colleague at my actual work. Actually all the places where I worked people have a moment that they are decide to clean the shed and gave old stuff to me. At this place I’ve got a lot starting with this Adobe Design Collection but also two portable floppy

Zenith Minisport laptop with 2 inch floppy disk (1992)

This is a very special laptop. It’s thin, light and doesn’t have a hard disk but flash memory! I think this was a laptop for programmers. Despite this laptop is 26 years old it’s still working. Oh, I forgot to tell it also is passive cooled so it also doesn’t make any noice. Actually, while

Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 training (1994)

Back in 1994 IT was the future. Studies like nowadays they didn’t had so these kind of VHD videos were released by IT companies. Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 was a server edition later succeeded by versions like Window Server 2000, 2003 and so on. In this video the fundamentals of a Computer Domain is explained.

Microsoft Windows 3.1 (Nederlands) (1991)

This is a Windows 3.1 retail box I bought about 6 years ago from a Dutch marketplace website for €15,-. When I saw the advertisement of this box I asked my parents if they would please bring me to the seller because it was in another city, I really don’t remember where it was anymore